I’m trying to go to sleep when I can’t – won’t.

I’ve been working at the computer now, in this moment, for quite some time – checking to-dos off of my list. I was thinking of the age old saying; the one about burning the midnight oil. And I stopped. Wondered, “Hmm, that’s an odd, now not frequently used phrase to come up and inside my head. I should probably get some sleep; these lights from my monitors and the scent of peeling finterips’ flesh from all of my fast pecking at keys is nauseating.”

And I wanted to stop – to get up and go to bed. But I didn’t. I kept thinking more and more about the midnight oil or whatever, and I wanted to play Frictional Games’ Amnesia: The Dark Descent again. I did. It was just as scary as the first time, and I didn’t sleep. Yeah, I thought you would like to know. Get some sleep you procrastinator of sleep, you. I share your problem.


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